How Hypnosis Can Be Valuable In Managing PTSD

Hypnosis as an added treatment for PTSD, can
help transform the unconscious  minds perceptions and beliefs. To begin with,
hypnosis works from the  assumption that the unconscious mind (the veritable
source of all of our internal power) is the storage space of  past experiences
and emotions. In this incredibly vast  warehouse, traumatic experiences are
filed away on both physical and  emotional levels, the stimulus of which can
affect our immune system and health. Processing old traumas and the emotional
charges attached to  them allows a patient to find internal resources that begin
the healing  process through hypnosis/ The unconscious is the part of your
mind burdened with the job of  protecting you.  It will do anything  even adopt
negative  behaviors  in order to keep you safe.

When these protective measures
no longer  serve us we feel the need to change. This change is difficult to
bring  about because the unconscious mind is devoted to its imprinted
 perceptions. In its bypass of the conscious mind, hypnosis brings the
 unconscious to the forefront so that changes can be made via guided  imagery.
Hypnotherapy helps change perceptions of memories, which in turn helps  change
perceptions of the self and  behavior.  The past cannot be  changed or escaped,
but our emotional and intellectual attitudes toward  it can be radically
altered. Change happens through hypnotherapy, since  emotions play a large role
in our activity, thoughts and actions.