How I Help You Stop Smoking

Through Hypnosis

Understanding Your Nicotine Addiction

 I'm often asked, what is my success rate?  Well, my success rate is very good, but their are reasons for that. First of all, your chances of success with
hypnosis depends on what your motivation is to quit.  If it is because of outside influences such as a spouse, family member, friend or doctor,
chances are hypnosis may not be the right option. Why?  Because you have not initiated the first step in recovery. It must be YOUR intent first.

In order to stop smoking, the primary first step has to be made by YOU. A person can go through the motions of trying every method on the market, yet
never intend for any of the methods to work. Whether it's the patch, the gum or even hypnosis. Because at the end of the day the troubled smoker wants
to justify their continued addiction by asserting "Look, Ive tried it all and none of it worked"  He or she will be willing to spend any amount of money
on stop smoking methods just to end with that assertion. 

These are the things I look for prior to working with a client.

Ending The Cycle Of Bargaining

The only mindset that will end your nicotine addiction, is to simply stop listening to the voice of negotiation.  Yes, this is how the nicotine addiction
keeps you on board as a smoker. It infiltrates into your rational personality. It will give you every rational logical reason it can in order to keep you
a long term smoker.  Hypnosis is a way of breaking that cycle by programing a person not to "listen" to that inner voice that will only continue
to give  a false sense of "I'm in control"  To end the voice that tells you you're only 1 last cigarette away from quitting.  To understand how the voice
works, and how not to listen it it will hold the key to successful hypnosis!